Wonderful things are meant for you. Don’t let them pass by.

There is a story untold about the days following the Nativity. They are filled with excitement, wonder, danger, witnessing, and discovery. To find this story, I had to Return to Bethlehem

This is how that journey began, for me.

Each year, our church puts on a Christmas party for the members and community. In 2017, I was asked to play the role of Conductor of the Polar Express in that years’ themed party. Lots of fun! I channeled my Tom Hanks as I tried to loving glower at the party’s children. Hot chocolate!

Honestly, I loved the experience. I love how children are caught up in the spectacle and magic of the event. But there was a moment way more significant. When I took on the role of Conductor, I shared an impression I had.

Incorporate the Polar Express into the Nativity.

I still think it’s a nifty idea – The Bethlehem Express! The idea… was kindly refused. However, the notion settled in me and I had a comforting impression: I would have an opportunity to explore the concept in the future.

October 2018, the years’ holiday party began entering planning discussions. I had a distinct impression to volunteer to head it up.


Who actually volunteers for additional December madness. I offered nothing and the assignment was asked of someone else.

One month later, disaster struck.  Mid November, the assigned organizer announced their untimely out-of-state move. The role for Christmas Party organizer became open. The window of preparation – less than 30 days.

Crazy talk! Condolences for the poor sucker who would get pegged with that assignment. I chuckled at the train wreck about to happen.

Then the impression came again. This time with a bit of chastisement. One year earlier, I had felt comforted to know that I would have an opportunity to help other feel a closeness to the Christ child. This opportunity had arrived – a second time. There was a sternness that settled about me. I felt His words in my mind,

“Did I not promise you an opportunity would come. Go. There is much you can do.”

I raised by hand. Meet the new Christmas Party organizer.